Future Graduate Students

Future Graduate Students

"I was looking for a graduate program which would allow me to pursue scenic design, would give me many opportunities to design, allow me to try my hand at other areas of design, and allow me to engage in my own research."- Cade Sikora (MFA '20)

The College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University believes that diversity matters, and embraces diversity as a key component of excellence and the pursuit of eminence. We are committed to promoting the principles of equal opportunity, multiculturalism, access and inclusion in which all individuals are valued, respected and unobstructed in their pursuit of excellence, and provided opportunities to flourish. Visit Diversity in Graduate Studies for information about resources and opportunities for underrepresented minority graduate students in arts and sciences graduate programs.

The Graduate and Professional Student Recruitment Initiative, organized by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, is the university's premier diversity recruitment program for students considering post-baccalaureate studies at Ohio State. The Program helps contribute to the ethnic, cultural, and academic diversity of Ohio State's Graduate School and professional colleges.

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Pursuing a terminal degree in theatre is both an educational and a career choice. We believe that it is important to let prospective students seeking a terminal degree know as much as possible about the career outcomes of our graduates. 

The Graduate Minor in Cinema/Video production allows graduates to explore creative and expressive possibilities of single-camera electronic cinematography and provide them with an understanding of the aesthetic issues involved with cinema/video production. The minor emphasizes the practice of moving image art-making through creative projects. 

The Minor in Theatre and Performance allows students in various fields in the arts and humanities to develop a supporting program in the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts that will complement their doctoral study. The study of theatre and performance is vital to many disciplines in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. An academic concentration in the discipline of theatre and performance serves a broad range of students, including select students in the artistic fields of dance studies, film studies, and the history and performance of opera. In addition, this concentration serves students who are investigating the heritage of drama and theatre in any of the literature and language fields—from Greek, English, and Spanish to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Likewise, some students who work in the interdisciplinary areas of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Comparative Studies, Folklore Studies, and African and African American Studies will benefit from a concentration in theatre and performance.

The Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Film Studies is a degree enhancement available to students enrolled in post-graduate degree programs in another discipline at Ohio State. The degree enhancement allows the graduate student to develop a secondary expertise in film studies.

Please contact our External Relations Coordinator if you have any questions about our graduate program.