Graduate Student Job Placement and Career Information

Pursuing a terminal degree in theatre is both an educational and a career choice. We believe that it is important to let prospective and current students know as much as possible about the career outcomes of our graduates. The following sections provide information about job placement of our MFA and PhD graduates, as well as resources available to graduate students as they plan for careers after graduation.


Graves, Braden: Assistant Professor, Belhaven University

Hightower, Jessica: Research Fellow, Shenandoah Conservatory at Shenandoah University


Athyal, Jacob: Actor, Mary Erickson Management

Brown, Lillian: Visiting Assistant Professor, Ripon College

Glick, Jensen: Visiting Lecturer, Mount Holyoke College

Graham, Connor: Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Greenberg, Matthew: Visiting Assistant Professor, West Virginia University

Hajra, Rina: Adjunct Instructor, Florida State College

Hughes, Jessica: Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Ledbetter, William: Lecturer, Eastern Washington University

Logan, Kylie: Copywriter, The Bloc

Naughton, Sean: Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Parsons, Erin: Instructor, The Chicago Actors Studio; Instructor Playmakers Lab


Oehlers, Adrienne: Lecturer, Denison University


Neff, Aviva: Director of Youth and Community Learning, Columbus College of Art and Design

Savard, Nicolas Shannon: Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Sefel, John Michael: Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Truett, Joshua: Lecturer, The Ohio State University