Getting Involved

One of the best ways to get involved with theatre and film at Ohio State is to become a major or a minor. Still, we know there are lots of students out there who have other career plans yet want to connect with us as audience members, actors, designers, or creators. We welcome and invite your participation. This section of our site will help point you—whether you’re a major, a minor, or even a non-major—towards ways to get involved in theatre and film during your time at the university.

Get Involved in the Department

Auditions for department mainstage productions are open to all students enrolled at Ohio State, regardless of major or rank. Students must be in good academic standing with the university in order to audition and be cast.

Auditions are held once per semester. For autumn productions, auditions are held at the end of the preceding spring semester. For spring productions, auditions are held in the middle of autumn semester. Full details on dates, audition requirements, audition best practices, and our season of productions are available here.

Mainstage productions also need stage managers, designers, builders, and crew. Interested students enroll in a theatre practicum, where they receive committed, hands-on mentorship from faculty and staff members who work alongside them from concept to completion. If you are interested in either of these opportunities, contact the academic program manager at

Student theatre and film directors are always looking for actors, designers, and crew. Audition notices are posted on bulletin boards and shared via department listservs.

DigiEYE is the annual screening of original live-action and animated moving-image shorts created by students from the Departments of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts; Art; Dance; and the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design. This event is curated by Janet Parrott.

The Moving-Image Production Senior Showcase is the annual screening of original short films created by seniors in the Moving-Image Production Major.

Buckeye TV is the student television station of The Ohio State University. It was founded on October 21, 2001, and currently resides in the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts. The station produces original programming and content created by students, and serves as the broadcasting outlet for students with aspirations in the broadcast and television production fields. Students interested in Buckeye TV should enroll in THEATRE 3351.

Get Involved with Other University Departments and Centers

The Ohio State University is a comprehensive research university with several departments and centers that engage in filmmaking and live performance. The department regularly collaborates with the Department of Art, the Department of Dance, the Department of Design, and the School of Music. Each of these units presents performances, public lectures, screenings, and more, allowing our majors to expand their artistic inquiry in other disciplines.

The Wexner Center for the Arts is the university's multidisciplinary, international laboratory for the exploration and advancement of contemporary art. It presents a full calendar of events including exhibitions, film screenings, performances (dance, music, theatre), and more. Ohio State students have the opportunity to interact with world-renowned artists in lectures and residencies. The Wexner Center also annually presents Ohio Shorts, a festival showcasing Ohio's vibrant and diverse filmmaking culture.

The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) is a collaborative think space, a place to make, create, imagine, and above all connect. It conducts research centered on the use and integration of emerging arts technologies. Several of our faculty are actively engaged in research at ACCAD.

Get Involved on Campus

With over 1,400 student organizations, Ohio State provides a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved, become leaders worth following, build organizations worth joining, and leave a lasting legacy. Here are the purpose statements of some student organizations focused on film, media, or theatre.

Note that this list may not be completely up-to-date due to changes in student organizations. A complete list of student organizations can be found on the Student Activities website.

8th Floor Improv Comedy Group: To provide Ohio State - and all of Columbus - with a unique brand of comedic entertainment, focusing on long-form improv comedy.

The Amateur Radio Organization for Undergraduate Student Entertainment: To retain freedom of expression as a necessary function of quality entertainment, and maintain a respectful metadiscourse within an increasingly polarized world.

Animation Club: To sponsor educational workshops, collaborate on creative projects, and enjoy animation in its limitless forms.

Art and Technology Club: Art and Tech Club is an organization committed to building a stronger art community by engaging in the members’ academic and professional interests. The club discusses careers within entertainment industries such as animation, film, video games, comics, and digital art.

Backburner Sketch Comedy Group: Our purpose is to bring laughter to The Ohio State University by developing a community around sketch comedy within the university and to improve the writing, acting, directing, and technical skills of our membership.

Bad Movie Club at Ohio State: To watch, enjoy, and laugh at “bad movies”, as well as discuss what makes a movie bad and whether it should be considered art or not

Buckeyes Assemble!: Buckeyes Assemble! is a social club that is solely for discussing, debating, and celebrating everything Marvel. This organization wants to bring together people who love Marvel and to have fun. We will have "Marvel Fights", give presentations on themes and the cultural significance of Marvel films and shows, do screenings of films, do service activities through the "Be a Hero" program, and much more. All are welcome to join this club. Even DC fans.

Buckeye Drag Ensemble: Buckeye Drag Ensemble aims to enrich Ohio State's understanding of gender and entertainment through the art of drag performance. BDE is open to all types of drag performers and provides a safe space for creators to hone their craft, express their talent, and share their joy with the entire campus.

Buckeye Gaming Collective: The purpose of this organization shall be to provide an engaging environment for both students and community members to participate in recreational videogame and entertainment related activities An additional cause has been added to support the interest and retention of students (especially from underprivileged areas in Columbus) that are entering into STEMM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine). The purposes for which this organization is formed, and any associated assets raised, are exclusively for the betterment of the community and not for the private gain of any person.

Buckeye Puppetry Club: The purpose of the Buckeye Puppet Club shall be to develop puppeteering skills, entertain students of The Ohio State University and surrounding community members, and engage in workshops, performances, and discussions of famous puppets throughout pop culture.

Buckeye Standup Comedy Club: The purpose of Buckeye Standup Comedy Club is to develop comedic talent, entertain the students of The Ohio State University and surrounding community, develop a group dynamic, and have fun through open mics, workshops, and performances.

Cinéseries: Cinéseries is a student-lead group that organizes monthly screening series in collaboration with the Wexner Center for the Arts. We aim to offer a space for students and the community to engage with film and expanded cinema from makers from a variety of backgrounds. We aspire to create an environment conducive to critical engagement by inviting filmmakers to showcase work that takes risks, challenges norms, and opens a conversation by devoting to a wide range of artist-centered and independent media.

Comic Books Club: Comic Book Club is a group that functions like a traditional book club, but with a focus on graphic novels and long-form comics! Members will read and discuss a group book over the course of the semester, and additionally will have the chance to share their own favorite stories within the medium.

Female Gaze Screening Club: Our purpose is to provide a space for students who identify as a female or a gender minority to voice their thoughts and opinions about the portrayal & role of female identifying and gender nonconforming individuals in film, both on screen and behind the camera.

Film and Video Society: Welcome to FVS! We meet weekly to discuss films we've been watching and new releases, as well as playing film-themed trivia. Our meetings are laidback, conversation-based, and open to everyone. Our activities include creating compelling conversation around film, hosting screenings at Gateway Film Center, and taking a trip to the Sundance Film Festival!

Fishbowl Improvisational Comedy Group: Fishbowl Improvisational Comedy Group is here to bring together creative-minded students, and to explore their unique talents through improvisational comedy in the collective effort of tickling the minds of the OSU student body.

Game Creation Club: A student organization dedicated to providing the environment and resources for learning the process of developing video games. Students and other members in all fields of study, regardless of experience, have the ability to collaborate on development projects, compete in contests, learn, and have fun in a social community. Various speakers and recruiters are brought in as often as possible as well.

The Graduate Theatre Syndicate: The purpose of The Syndicate is to provide graduate students in The Ohio State University Department of Theatre with a forum for community, professional development, and advocacy. This organization is a resource to help clarify academic requirements and to serve as an advocacy group for Theatre Department Graduate students. The organization may also be an outlet for grievances which can then be brought before the department's appropriate governing body. Additionally, the Syndicate executes social/community events and professional forums for to support the ongoing research and artistic work of its members and the university.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Film Studies Group at Ohio State University: In response to the needs of graduate students of various disciplines interested in film studies, the Ohio State University Interdisciplinary Graduate Film Studies Group’s goal is to provide opportunities for viewing, reading, and discussion, as well as support for filmmaking and cinema appreciation efforts throughout campus. Eventually, the club’s mission may expand, since the needs of graduate students invested in cinema studies at OSU are diverse. Since film studies is a relatively young field and has emerged during a complex era in the history of the humanities, many institutions offer coursework in cinema studies on an intermittent, contingent, or supplementary basis only. As a result, graduate students with a scholarly interest in film studies require more engagement in a formal context. IGFSG will provide a forum for graduate students to learn from one another and form connections across disciplines while pursuing academic career development goals related to film studies. The possibilities are as numerous as the quantity of students who choose to become involved.

The Intergalactic Science Fiction Club: To gather every week to watch, discuss, and have fun with favorite movies, shows, and literary works of the Science Fiction genre. This is a club for everyone with an interest in fantastic storytelling and exciting adventures.

Mad Royal Film Society: We are a film/video production organization aiming to create a community that promotes creativity, inclusivity and collaboration. As a group we make 5 short videos a semester, and host a student film festival on campus in the spring. We hope to see you come to meetings and work with us! The Mad Royal Film Fest is an annual screening of student work. 

Media Literacy Club: Our purpose is to come together from all majors and specializations to educate students about social media and advertising tactics and help them be more analytical of the content that they see online.

Namaste Bollywood: To spread appreciation for the South Asian film industry through movie nights, cultural and charity events.

Off the Lake Productions: Off the Lake Productions is The Ohio State University's only completely student-run, service-based theatre organization. Every year we have FOUR major productions whose proceeds go to a charity organization of our choice: our Fall Cabaret, Play, Musical, and Peer Theatre One Acts. In addition to the One Acts, Peer Theatre performs skits on difficult topics for students at Ohio State and our trained facilitators give them the opportunity to reflect on what was shared and participate in a facilitated dialogue. OTL gives back to the community through various service organizations on campus and in the Columbus community. Some previous service events Off the Lake has participated in include BuckeyeThon, donating to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, Light up the Lake, theatre workshops with All THAT (Teens Hopeful About Tomorrow), Caroling at local nursing homes, volunteering with The Harmony Project, and many more! Students can be involved in various capacities including Pit, Peer Theatre, Cast and Crew. As well as the general body participating in community and service events. Our overall theme is - In the Community, On the Stage, Off the Lake.

Performance Studies Working Group: The Performance Studies Working Group's mission is to promote interdisciplinary discourse on performance studies among Ohio State's artists, activists, and scholars.

Photography,  Images and Cinematography Organization: Provide opportunities for people who are interested in photography. Fuse the cultural diversities. Hold Discussion meetings with members. Organize photography events including taking photos and holding exhibitions.

Scarlet and Gray Anime: To foster an appreciation of Japanese popular culture through showings of Japanese animated films ("Anime") and related popular media.

Scarlet and Gray Sports Radio: Mission Statement: Scarlet and Gray Sports Radio Department The mission of Ohio State Student Sports Radio is to create beneficial opportunities for students ranging from on-air live broadcasts to production. These opportunities are made possible by the efforts of a dedicated staff of motivated students who work in cooperation with the Ohio State Athletic Department and are driven to make Scarlet and Gray Sports Radio a premier station seeking never-ending growth.

Theme Park Engineering Group: The purpose of this Organization is to enhance the technical knowledge gained by members in the classroom through applications in the theme park and entertainment industry. This shall take the form of team design projects as well as various educational opportunities.

Video Essay Club: The Video Essay Club (VEC) aims to provide a safe and open space for any and all students to creatively explore their academic interests through the audiovisual medium of video essays. By giving members an opportunity to learn from and communicate with each other through seminars, watch parties, workshops, and screenings, VEC endeavours to improve members' fluency with the techniques of academic videography and inspire a shared passion for artistic and intellectual pursuit in this burgeoning genre of digital media.

Women in Gaming: Women In Gaming's mission is to provide a welcoming and empowering place for women, and other gender minorities, who play and love video games.