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Future Undergraduate Students

The Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre, film studies, or moving-image production is a liberal arts degree by design. We believe it is crucial to educate well-rounded artists who possess breadth and depth of knowledge in their field and in their world.

Theatre Major

The Theatre Major is a flexible BA degree with required coursework in five main categories: history and text, design, performance, production, and experiential learning. Within that core, however, we have not chosen to offer tightly controlled sequences focused on discrete skill development because such sequences provide too little opportunity for curricular choice on the part of the student. With our BA, you can individualize your program, deciding when to take required courses to best suit your interests. You can customize your program of study to focus on acting, new works development, design, or technical theatre based on the ways you select from our rich array of electives. Because our program is flexible, students are able to take advantage of the breadth of courses available across Ohio State's campus. Our majors regularly undertake minors, second majors, study abroad experiences, internships, and senior honors or distinction projects.


Moving-Image Production Major

Moving-Image Production (MIP) Major is an interdisciplinary BA program in animation, experimental, documentary, and narrative filmmaking. The major emphasizes studio practice, the development of critical storytelling skills, and a proficiency in visual literacy. MIP is a lockstep, four-year major that combines teaching and research expertise from our partners in art, dance, design, theatre, and the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD). Students take MIP Pre-major foundation courses in film/video-making in their first year, and build a portfolio for review for application to the major. Majors take advantage of facilities and equipment provided as part of the program, and develop their creative voice as they produce moving-image works in Production Studio coursework and a Senior Film project. The Moving-Image Production Major prepares students for a range of careers or graduate studies in independent and industry filmmaking.


Film Studies Major

Film Studies is an interdisciplinary BA that explores cinema as an international social practice and humanistic discipline. Film studies incorporates many departments across the College of Arts and Sciences, including the Departments of English; French and Italian; Germanic Languages and Literatures; History of Art; Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures; Spanish and Portuguese; Theatre and Film; and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Film studies allows students to tailor their focus of study of film analysis, history, and theory. Students take core courses in early, multicultural, industrial and experimental traditions, and select a focus area in film theory, screenwriting, or production for further exploration in the field. Film Studies provides a pathway through the vast world of cinema for those interested in careers in film criticism, screenwriting, working for film archives or festivals, teaching or graduate study in film and media, or work in fields that welcome those majoring in the humanities.



The Entertainment Design and Technology Minor supports students who want to apply the skills of their discipline to careers in live events, theatre, and themed entertainment.

Minor Advisor: Brad Steinmetz

The Film Studies Minor allows students to unite classes devoted to the analysis of cinema as a unique art form and as a medium influenced and shaped by related fields such as literature and the visual arts. Students enrolled in the Film Studies minor will gain an understanding of the evolution of cinema, relationships between film and other arts, and international dimensions of the medium.

Minor Advisor: Emily Carpenter

The Media Production and Analysis Minor provides students with an understanding of the societal impact of contemporary media practices and provides opportunities to develop specific media production skills. Students will both analyze and produce media content for distribution through a variety of means.

Minor Advisor: Jennifer Scott

The Musical Theatre Minor supports a student’s training and career aspirations in the performance and study of musical theatre.

Minor Advisor: Ryan Heitkamp

The Screenwriting Minor prepares students to develop original stories, scripts, and screenplays for production as works of moving-image art. This minor integrates creative practice with critical study, developing skills for writing for the screen in a variety of forms: fictional narrative film, experimental film, documentary, animation, television, and/or new media. Students will garner a foundational understanding of film history, theory, and storytelling conventions across media, to hone their distinct voice and gain crucial professional experience for careers in film and television writing.

Minor Advisor: Emily Carpenter

The Theatre Minor provides an opportunity for students to extend their knowledge of theatre.

Minor Advisor: Ryan Heitkamp

The Video Arts Minor allows students to explore traditional, alternative, and artistic means of media delivery in a variety of expressive and creative contexts. It will contribute to the development of students who seek to incorporate this medium into traditional art and/or narrative practices as well as those interested in creating experimental artworks that are expressed entirely within the format of video.

Minor Advisor: Emily Carpenter (effective SP24)

The Voice Acting minor supports a student’s training and career aspirations in the performance and study of voicing audiobooks, animation, videogames, podcasts, voiceover, and other recorded voice arts.

Minor Advisor: Ryan Heitkamp