Professional internship programs are an excellent opportunity to gain career-related work experience, network with professionals in the field, integrate knowledge from coursework into a real-world setting, and help define your career path. In addition, course credit for an internship may fulfill a requirement for the undergraduate degrees offered through the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts. 

"Find any opportunities to get some experience on your resume; in creative industries, experience is important!"

John Rolston, Creative Development intern at INE/Trium Entertainment; Film Studies major, Screenwriting minor

Planning Your Internship Experience

Individual students are responsible for identifying and securing an internship that fulfills their career goals and interests. Please review the documents/links below for more information, tips, and university resources to aid you in this process. 

The department partners with the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Career Success, which offers job and internship searches, career fairs and expos; professional and alumni networking events; resume assistance; and career coaching to help prepare you for internships, jobs, and life beyond your degree.



All internships for academic credit are reviewed for consideration as academic curriculum. If you have secured an offer of internship, please complete and submit the Theatre, Film, and Media Arts Internship Application for Enrollment (below). 

The department will review and approve appropriate positions and activities for credit-bearing internships or field work. If approved for academic credit, a faculty supervisor will provide a syllabus and expectations for completing the internship credit(s), and will serve as your department contact for the duration of the internship.

The internship enrollment form is an agreement between you, the department, and your employer. All fields must be completed, including start and end date (which must fall during the semester start/end dates), a complete description of duties and responsibilities as provided by internship supervisor, and internship supervisor's signature. 

  • please return COMPLETE FORM to INTERNSHIP Coordinator Paige Piper at

The department offers financial support for students enrolled in internships that relate to their studies in the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts. Applications are competitive.

Film Studies and Moving-Image Production Majors have interned at 3 Arts Entertainment, 4th Row Films, Bungalow Media, Broadway Video, CBS, Cohen Media, Groundswell Pictures, Myriad Pictures, Netflix, Youtube, Paradigm, Sundance, Starz, Ohio HD, Paradigm and Silver Pictures, WOSU Public Media and on productions including Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Carol; Fast and Furious 8; and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Theatre Majors have interned at Walt Disney World, Weathervane Playhouse, and Evolution Theatre Company.

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