Mission Statement

Welcome to the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts. Our department promises to provide an exciting environment for the development of new work. We are committed to collaboration and exploration of cutting-edge work in live and recorded performance, film, and media. Through collaboration, we can instill critical competencies to address the world's most pressing problems, and explore the historical, social, and political dimensions of the arts more broadly.

Our undergraduate students pursue a wide range of professional training programs within a liberal arts context. Our place within one of the top research institutions in the world ensures excellence in our graduate programs. Students at all levels work with and learn from artists and scholars from around the world, and the presence of individuals from a variety of backgrounds creates a dynamic backdrop for making and studying performance and media creation, theory, and history.

Our department is dedicated to presenting the classics as well as the creation of new works. We strive to help students understand narrative forms that cast a critical eye to both the past and the present, with a mind to creating a better future. We train artists and scholars to engage with the communities in which we live, and to facilitate creative expression everywhere they are.