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Prospective Theatre Majors are encouraged to set up a department visit. Please take a few minutes to complete this form so we can craft a visit that is unique to you and your interests and ensure you get the most out of your time with us.

After you complete this form, you will be contacted by the External Relations Coordinator to arrange the finer details of your visit.

Prospective Film Studies Majors and Moving-Image Production Majors should contact the Academic Program Coordinator for more information about facilities and equipment.


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Note: Please provide at least two weeks' advance notice. Individual department visits can only be scheduled during regular business hours, Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm. During the summer, visits can only be scheduled Monday - Thursday.

Ohio State’s Office of Admissions and the College of Arts and Sciences offer campus visits in which you are welcome to take part. The department visit is separate from these visits, though you can elect to schedule your department visit on the same day as your campus visit. If you have already scheduled a campus visit, please indicate this in the message area, along with the date and time of the campus visit.

A typical department tour lasts 60-90 minutes, longer if you interested in/able to visit a class. Please provide the earliest time at which we should begin your itinerary and the latest time we should end it.

Additional Visitor Information

In order to participate in a department tour, minors must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other adult.


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If you would like lodging or parking advice or have general questions about the area, feel free to state that or any other message here.

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