Graduate Minor in Cinema/Video


The Graduate Minor in Cinema/Video production allows graduate students to explore creative and expressive possibilities of single-camera electronic cinematography and provide them with an understanding of the aesthetic issues involved with cinema/video production. The minor emphasizes the practice of moving image art-making through creative projects. This program provides a comprehensive study of the varieties of Cinema/Video expression and the dramatic structures underlining the practice of this art.

Program Advisor: Janet Parrott

The minor requires a minimum of four courses and no less than 15 hours. A grade of B or better (or S when applicable) is required in each course comprising the minor.


Students should complete the remaining credit hours to total 15 hours for the minor from the Electives listed below.

  • Theatre 5321 Video Production 1 (3)
  • Theatre 5322 Editorial Process (3)
  • Theatre 5323 Video Production 2 (3)
  • Theatre 5331 Screenwriting (3)
  • Theatre 5341 Studies in the Documentary (3)
  • Theatre 5189 Field Work (1-3)
  • Theatre 5193 Individual Studies (1-3)
  • Theatre 7189 Field Work in Theatre, Cinema, Video (1-12)
  • Theatre 7311 Advanced Moving Image Art (3)
  • Theatre 7312 Screen Media (3)
  • Theatre 8000.03 Advanced Studies: Video (1-5)
  • Theatre 8193 Individual Studies (1-5)


  1. In conjunction with their advisors, graduate students should determine the appropriateness of pursuing a graduate interdisciplinary specialization or graduate minor and how best to incorporate it into their program of study.
  2. Graduate students must complete the appropriate form, including obtaining the advisor’s signature. This form serves as the application to enroll. The student submits the form to the Department of Theatre’s Director of Graduate Studies.
  3. Once approved, the Director of Graduate Studies sends a copy of the completed program form to the Graduate School and the graduate studies committee chair of the student's primary graduate program. The Department of Theatre keeps the original.
  4. The Department of Theatre will send the student an acknowledgment indicating whether or not the request is approved. The Department of Theatre will send a copy to the Graduate School and the student's primary graduate studies committee.
  5. The student must adhere to the curriculum of the GIS or graduate minor program as indicated on the appropriate program form. If changes in the approved curriculum are necessary, the student must complete a new program form following the steps above. Departures from the approved GIS or graduate minor program could result in the specialization not appearing on the student's transcript.
  6. Upon completion of the GIS or graduate minor program, the student must submit the GIS or graduate minor transcript designation form to the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Theatre.