Theatre majors and minors are required to complete several practicum courses for their degree. However, any Ohio State student who is interested may also enroll and participate in work in shops and labs.


Theatre 2000.xx - (1 credit)

In this laboratory, you will do the work that leads up to opening night the show—scenic construction, light hang and focus, costume construction, and publicity. For this course, you will sign up for 42 hours of work across a semester—usually 3 hours per week—scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. For more information, contact Chad Mahan.

Theatre 3000 - (1 or 2 credits)

In this laboratory, you will work on the run of the show, as set run crew, light board operator, sound board operator, or costume run crew. For this course, you are required to attend evening and weekend rehearsals and performances for the entire run of the show (this can range from one to four weeks, depending on the number of credits you take). For more information, contact Chad Mahan.

Theatre 4000.xx - (3 credits)

This credit is assigned to actors and members of a production team who have high-level responsibilities, like stage managers, assistant directors, dramaturgs, and assistant scenic, costume, or lighting designers. For some of these positions, students do not have a set schedule (with the exception of the weekly production meetings and tech week), while some positions require regular attendance at rehearsals and performances. For more information, contact Logan Kelly, Academic Program Coordinator.

Former Ohio State Theatre Student and audio engineer Dave Wallingford

THE SPEED OF SOUND - This audio engineer and his Ford Fiesta are making lots of noise in the Rally America Series.