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Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute (TRI)

Want to See?

  • An original 1899 program from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
  • A piece of a mulberry tree planted by Shakespeare in Stratford upon Avon
  • Candid photographs of the drag performer Divine
  • Correspondence about a production of PORGY AND BESS which toured to Russia during the Cold War
  • Glass slides used in vaudeville productions
  • Original film stills from George Lucas’s STAR WARS (1977)

If So, Then Schedule a Visit to the TRI

The faculty and staff of the Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee are here to help you with your research. We are part of the University Library Special Collections, and we hold millions of items relating to the professional performing arts.

Our collections feature:

  • Original plots, sketches and renderings from professional theatrical costume, set and lighting designers
  • Hundreds of original play scripts, many with handwritten notes by the actors and/or production team
  • Thousands of photographs of performers and productions
  • Thousands of vintage film posters
  • The largest collection of original Czech theatre designs outside the Czech Republic
  • One of the largest collections of Burlesque materials anywhere
  • Original correspondence and contracts from theatre professionals from around the world

For more information contact Beth Kattelman, Curator of Theatre at kattelman.1@osu.edu or visit the TRI website