Theatre Major


In our BA program, students earn 121 credit hours distributed as follows:

  • 43 credits covering in coursework required for the theatre major
  • 63 credits outside the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts, inclusive of all GE requirements, THEATRE 2100, and University Survey
  • 15 elective credits from either inside or outside the theatre department
  • Of the 121 credits, at least 39 credits must have been earned at the 3000 level or above

Required Coursework for the Theatre Major

Prerequisite to Major:

Foundations in Text: 3 courses (9 credits)

Foundations in Design: 2 courses (6 credits)

Foundations in Performance:  2 courses (6 credits)

Foundations in Production:  4 courses (7 credits)

  • Studio Practicums - THEATRE 2000.xx  (1 credit) (2 times, 2 credits total)
  • Production Practicums - THEATRE 3000  (2 credits)
  • Advanced Practicums - THEATRE 4000.xx  (3 credits)

Experiential Learning:  1 course (3 credits)

Choose one course from the following:

Major Electives: 12 hours or more at or above the 3000 level

Suggestions for Theatre Majors

  • THEATRE 2100 is required as a Prerequisite to the Theatre Major and counts in your GE as your Visual and Performing Arts course
  • You can take THEATRE 2367.xx as a Second Level Writing course in your GE
  • You can take THEATRE 3597 as a Interdisciplinary Seminar in your GE

Degree Summary

In total, to graduate with a BA in theatre from Ohio State, all of the following criteria must be met:

  • University Survey Course (1 credit)
  • GE for Arts and Sciences, all categories fulfilled, D or above for all GE courses
  • Theatre Major, all requirements fulfilled with grades at or above a C- with a 2.00 or better GPA across the major
  • 121 total credit hours
  • Within the 121 credits, 63 must be taken outside the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts
  • Within the 121 credits, 39 must be taken at the 3000 level or above, and can be counted from any courses taken