Spring Courses: Undergraduate


GE  =  General Education Course
MR =  Major Requirement
ST  = Associated with a Study Tour


New Works Creation

Theatre Studies

Design and Production


Film and Video

Study Tour - Domestic

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  • Studio Practicums - Theatre 2000.xx  MR
    • prepare and create productions in our studios
    • sound, video, scenic, costumes/makeup, publicity, lighting
  • Production Practicum - Theatre 3000  MR
    • run a production off-stage
    • board operators, wardrobe, props, stage hands, etc.
  • Advanced Practicums - Theatre 4000.xx  MR
    • Perform in, design, direct, or manage a production
    • Stage Management, Sound Design, Video Design, Scenic Design, Costuming & Makeup Design, Lighting Design, Dramaturgy, Acting, Theatre Management, Directing