Extra-Curricular and Research Project Approval Request


While on department funding as a graduate associate or as a graduate fellow, any and all activities and/or projects, other than curriculum assignments, Graduate Teaching Assignments, and department productions, must have written permission from your advisor, consent of the appropriate faculty and approval by the Director of Graduate Studies. In addition, projects and activities for which you will be paid require approval from the Graduate School in advance of the project or activity taking place.

These projects and activities include:

  • Involvement in any stage, film, or video production outside the department season, whether in the department, the university, or outside the university.
  • Teaching of any classes other than the assigned GTA classes, whether in the department, the university, or outside the university.
  • Participation in student organizations that require time away from your academic responsibilities.
  • Participation in conferences or research activities that require time away from your academic and GTA responsibilities. 
  • MFA actors who utilize the option to opt-out of a semester’s casting for professional and/or personal reasons.
  • Opportunity for employment not related to area of study.

Please complete the Extra-Curricular and Research Activity Approval Request form below and submit well in advance of the opportunity for approval by the Graduate Studies Committee and, if required, the Graduate School. Requests may take up to 2-4 weeks to be processed. If you have a request that requires an expedited review, contact your advisor, the Director of Graduate Studies, and the Academic Program Coordinator as soon as possible. Questions may be directed to the Academic Program Coordinator.