Guest Artists and Scholars


Autumn 2013

Dana P. Rowe
Zombie Prom composer and Ohio State alumnus Dane P. Rowe led a talk and discussion about the production. Students also had an opportunity to chat with him about his career in musical theatre.  
Spring 2014
Bianca Sams
Playwright Bianca Sams, Theatre Research Institute Fellow, gave the TRI Fellowship Lecture “Creative Playwrighting: Using Found Stories as Inspiration,” in January. Sams discussed her current project, researching and writing the play Just Porgy, focusing on the struggles that actors and creative teams faced surrounding racism and segregation on and off the stage. Sams is currently a Master’s Degree in Playwriting Candidate at Ohio University.
Ann Folino White
Ann Folino White, Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies at Michigan State University, delivered a speech co-sponsored by the Performance/Politics Working Group in January. Her address “Performing the Politics of Food and Agriculture: Historic Precedents and Contemporary Theatres of Food,” explored how ideologically problematic the commodification of food is for Americans by examining the strategies of New Deal-era protest performances and performances sponsored by the federal government in the 1933-4 Chicago World’s Fair and the Federal Theatre Project, as well as the recurrence of these strategies in contemporary food politics performances.
Caridad Svich
Playwright Caridad Svich gave the keynote address of the Graduate Theatre Syndicate Symposium, Position: The Power and Politics of Witnessing, in March. Svich also gave a playwrighting workshop for both undergraduate and graduate students.
Annette Thornton
Annette Thornton, President of the Association of Theatre Movement Educators (ATME), was the keynote speaker for Making the Invisible Visible: Mime’s Contemporary Legacy symposium. 
Gigi Rice
Ohio state alumna Gigi Rice spoke to students about her career in theatre, television, and film. She is known for her roles in The Man (2005), A Night at the Roxbury (1998), and The John Larroquette Show (1993). 
Contemporary Women Playwrights
Penny Farfan, professor of drama at the University of Calgary and past editor of Theatre Journal, led discussion in a graduate seminar on contemporary theatre and held a workshop, “Publishing in Theatre,” in April. Farfan, who co-edited the recent book Contemporary Women Playwrights: Into the Twenty-first Century with Lesley Ferris, participated in a panel discussion focusing on the book at the Wexner Center.
Sharon Marcus
Sharon Marcus, The Orlando Harriman Professor at Columbia University, was keynote speaker for The First Actresses: 1660-1930s symposium in May.  
2013 - 2014 Wexner Center for the Arts Talkbacks and Workshop
Nature Theater of Oklahoma. Life and Times Episode One. Talkback October 2. 
Miwa Matreyek. This World Made Itself. Talkback November 1.
Elevator Repair Service. Arguendo. Talkback November 15.
Niwagekidan Penino. The Room Nobody Knows. Talkback January 24. 
Young Jean Lee. Straight White Men. Open rehearsal April 7.