Spotlight on Students


Student Accomplishments


Shelby Brewster successfully defended her MA thesis defense, entitled "Resisting the Body Invasion: Critical Art Ensemble, Tactical Media, and the Audience". Brewster's thesis examined the work of Critical Art Ensemble between 1998 and 2004 that engaged with the biotechnology industry. Her committee consisted of members Shilarna Stokes and Jennifer Schlueter. Shelby graduated in the fall of 2015 and headed to the University of Pittsburgh to work towards her PhD.

Elizabeth Wellman successfully defended her doctoral dissertation. The title of her dissertation "Taught It to the Trade: Rose La Rose and the Reownership of American Burlesque, 1935-1972", reclaimed a period in burlesque history erroneously conceived of as disappearing, arguing that the most salient characteristic of the form is its active manipulation of a persistent narrative of degradation. Wellman's committee was Jennifer Schlueter (advisor), Beth Kattelman, and Joy Reilly, with Martin Feinberg (Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering) as her graduate faculty representative. Wellman stayed with the department to serve as a lecturer for InterACT and other courses.


BA student Zachry Bailey accepted a position with Evolution Theatre Company as their Production Manager

MFA acting student Linnea Bond and BA alumnus Trent Rowland (BA '15) acted in the Oscar-nominated film Carol starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.

BA student Brandi Lyons successfully defended her distinction project titled "Methods and Procedures of Womanhood". Lyons wrote and performed this searing solo piece in the Lab Series in the autumn in fulfillment of Ohio State requirements for graduating with Distinction in the Arts. Her committee of mentors was Jennifer Schlueter (chair), Shilarna Stokes, and Kevin McClatchy.

Elisabeth Rogge, a BA student, accepted an internship with Disneyland.

BA student Danny Turek starred as Peter in CATCO’s production of Peter and the Starcatcher.


Andy Baker successfully defended his MFA thesis – "Contamination: A Lighting Design for An Enemy of the People". His committee consisted of Lesley Ferris, Mary Tarantino, and Brad Steinmetz. Baker also received the Peggy Ezekiel Award of Outstanding Achievement & Judges Choice for his lighting design for City of Angels from the Ohio Valley chapter of USITT.

BA student Alexandra Davis was offered a marketing internship with Steppenwolf Theatre Company for the summer.

BA students Michael Erickson and Chorsie Calbert IV served as the stage management team for Warehouse Theatre Company’s production of Angels in America Part 1: Millennium Approaches. Alumnus Andrew Trimmer (BA '14), Camille Bullock (MFA '15), Kevin Tate (BA '14), and Mike Writtenberry (BA '15) acted in the production. Justin John (MFA '14) was the lighting/effects operator.

Sarah Fickling successfully defended her MFA thesis on costume design for An Enemy of the People. Committee members included Beth Kattelman, Lesley Ferris, and Kristine Kearney.

Elizabeth Harelik successfully defended her doctoral dissertation. "Shrews, Moneylenders, Soldiers, and Moors: Tackling Challenging Issues in Shakespeare for Young Audiences" examined a range of practices in staging plays for young people taking place in the USA.  Lesley Ferris served as Harelik's advisor and committee members included Jennifer Schlueter, Shilarna Stokes, and Robin Post.

BA students Rachel Harper and Constance Hester produced a production of Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years at the Van Fleet Theatre. Along with producing the piece, Rachel Harper served as the stage manager and Constance Hester was the director for this production. This work is part of their work to receive Distinction in the Arts; both will be defending their distinction in the autumn.

BA student Abigail Johnson served as an intern at Lachey Arts. She was also sworn in as Ohio State's theatre honorary Alpha Psi Omega as president for the upcoming year.

MFA acting student Joe Kopyt won 2nd place in the arts category at the 30th Annual Hayes Graduate Research Forum. Kopyt presented his research titled "After Brecht: Micro-naturalism and Annie Baker’s The Flick" at the Forum, and was the first MFA actor to place at this event since its inception.

BA student Corey Lipkins Jr. was nominated for a Theatre Roundtable Award for Excellence in Acting (Supporting Male) for his work in Ohio State's production of Trouble in Mind.

Students Amanda Loch (BA), Alexandra Davis (BA), Karie Miller (PhD), Josh Quinlan (MFA), and Tyrrell Woolbert (PhD) served as collaborators and performers in the Columbus Museum of Art’s Disparity/Disruption. This event was led by Jennifer Schlueter, who was commissioned by CMA as part of Equal Pay Day.

PhD student Esmaeil Najar received an Alumni Grant for Graduate Research and Scholarship for $2,000.

Rebekah Priebe successfully defended her MFA thesis--"Costume Design for a Production of The Coast of Illyria". Her committee members included Jennifer Schlueter, Shilarna Stokes, Mary Tarantino, and her advisor Kristine Kearney.

Josh Quinlan successfully defended his MFA thesis on scenic design "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle--Research: Sustainable Scene Design for a Production of Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of The People". His committee members included Mary Tarantino, Lesley Ferris, and Brad Steinmetz. Quinlan recently received the Peggy Ezekiel Award of Distinction for his scene design for Don Giovanni from the Ohio Valley chapter of USITT and a USITT Ohio Valley National Conference Scholarship which supported his attendance at the 2016 conference in Salt Lake City.

BA student Jasmine Smith starred in Columbus Children’s Theatre’s Pre-Professional production of West Side Story as Consuela.

BA student Lindsey White was accepted into round three of the SoundLab Student project (design competition) of USITT, where she competed against graduate students. There were 27 original submissions, and she was one of six people selected into round three.  

BA student Akia Williams was nominated for a Theatre Roundtable Award for Excellence in Acting (Supporting Female) for her work in Ohio State's production of Trouble in Mind. 

End of the Year Celebration

April 26, 2016

Undergraduate Student Special Awards and Recognition

The following students completed projects for graduation with Distinction in the Arts: Brandi Lyons for her solo performance Methods and Procedures of Womanhood and Michael Carozza for producing Spring Awakening.

Brandi Lyons and Gabe Simms won Monthly Research Scholar Awards.

Danelyiz Rodriguez won an Arts and Humanities Large Grant.

Michael Carozza presented at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum and Michael Erickson presented at the Denman Undergraduate Research Expo.

Erica Beimesche will be a marketing apprentice at Cleveland Playhouse and Jennifer Geiger will be part of the Acting Apprentice Company at Actors Theatre of Louisville.

Mohammed Qutifan was selected as a member of the American Conservatory Theatre summer workshop in San Francisco.

Lindsay White was one of six designers accepted to present her design for Caryl Churchill’s Fen at the USITT Sound lab.  She was selected from a field of 27 participants (mostly graduate students). Her design has now been archived with USITT and will be permanently available. She was chosen as a member to the the SoundLab Volunteer team who installed and configured the SoundLab at the USITT conference. Participants setup and worked with some of the most advanced equipment used in theatre today. She was also accepted into the Cirque du Soleil and Myer Sound Elite Training program in sound: a three-day intensive training in May in Las Vegas.

Undergraduate Student Excellence Awards

Cece Bellomy, Brigitte Biedenbach, Zac Ivans, Corey Lipkins, Jr., Danny Turek

Special Production Recognition

The cast, assistant director, stage manager, and assistant stage managers for Good Kids for outreach work in post-show discussions.

Graduate Student Excellence Awards

Andy Baker (Teaching, Research, and Creative Activity), Elizabeth Harelik (Research and Service), Joe Kopyt (Research and Service), Zach Meyer (Service and Creative Activity), Mandy Mitchell (Service and Creativity Activity), Josh Quinlan (Creative Activity, Teaching and Service), Yi-Ping Wu (Research and Creative Activity)

The Katie Whitlock Memorial Fellowship for Graduate Student International Travel provides funding to graduate students who participate in the Department of Theatre's London Study Abroad program. Funds can also support graduate students participating other international travel for research.

Inaugural recipients: Eric Brinkman, Blake Edwards, Karie Miller

Graduate Student Morrow and Snow Fund Recipients

Established in 1980 in memory of John C. Morrow, professor of theatre from 1963 until his death in 1979, the Morrow Memorial Fund provides small grants for graduate student research.

Recipients: Andy Baker, Linnea Bond, Eric Brinkman, Allison Brogan, Jennifer Collins, Sarah Fickling, Elizabeth Harelik, Joe Kopyt, JiRye Lee, Zack Meyer, Mandy Mitchell, Esmaeil Najar Daronkolae, Adrienne Oehlers, Josh Patterson, Josh Truett, Joshua Quinlan, Geoffrey Wilson, Yi-Ping Wu

Established February 7, 2003, The Aida Cannarsa Snow Endowment Fund was established to provide need-based scholarships to students interested in the arts.

Recipients: Andy Baker, Linnea Bond, Eric Brinkman, Allison Brogan, Jennifer Collins, Sarah Fickling, Elizabeth Harelik, Joe Kopyt, Zack Meyer, Karie Miller, Mandy Mitchell, Josh Patterson, Joshua Quinlan, Josh Truett, Geoffrey Wilson

Graduate Student Special Recognition

PhD student Eric Brinkman received an award from Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies for research this summer.

MFA acting student Zack Meyer, in December, was awarded with Promotion to Associate Instructor by the professional stage combat organization Dueling Arts International.

Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients

The Louise and David A. Braver Fund for the Arts provides a scholarship every other year, this award provides a scholarship for a theatre student for international study of Shakespeare and theatre. This scholarship is open to all theatre student majors. Established August 30, 2013, with a gift from Louise Braver in memory of her husband.

Recipients: Cece BellomyAlly Davis

Established December 9, 1982, by American Playwrights Theatre, Inc. Income provides scholarships to students who have demonstrated exceptional talent and ability in dramatic writing.

Recipients: Cece Bellomy, Ronda Christie

The Mo Ryan Scholarship Fund is awarded to an undergraduate theatre major or minor who has demonstrated excellence in acting, directing, or community engagement. This award is in honor of Mo Ryan, whose expertise and mentorship in these areas influenced a generation of students in the Department of Theatre.

Inaugural Recipient: Constance Hester

The Gerald R. Black Scholarship Fund for Recognition of Excellence in Theatre was established in 1974 in memory of Gerald R. Black, a 1924 graduate of The Ohio State University.  The scholarship is intended for undergraduate students within the Department of Theatre interested in the area of playwriting.

Recipients: Ronda Christie, Michael Erickson, Kesley Frustere, Gabriel Simms, Mohamad Qutiefan, Akia Williams

The Michael Swink Fund for Talent in Theatre Technology was established in 1980 in memory of Michael Swink (BA '75) and provides funding for undergraduate students who have demonstrated exceptional talent and ability in theatre in the area of design and technology.

Recipients: Michael Erickson, Lindsey White

The Scarlet Mask Award was established in 1973 by members of the Scarlet Mask Society to recognize distinction and outstanding performance.

Recipient: Mohamad Qutiefan

The Robert Eugene Johnson Memorial Scholarship was established in 1983 with gifts from the estate of Robert Eugene Johnson (MA 1950) to provide one or more scholarships for junior and/or senior students who are majoring in theatre and are maintaining at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.

Recipients: Abigail Johnson, Mohamad Qutiefan, Akia Williams

The Roy and Addeleen Bowen Fund for Exceptional Talent in Theatre was established in 1978 to honor Roy H. Bowen, professor emeritus of theatre. The scholarship supports undergraduate students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in theatre.

Recipients: Chorsie Calbert, Michael Erickson, Kelsey Frustere, Abigail Johnson, Jasmine Smith, Akia Williams

The Helen W. Wildermuth Scholarship Fund assists deserving students in the areas of drama and music. This scholarship was established from her trust for the purpose of promoting the arts in central Ohio.

Recipient: Elizabeth Karman