Shakespeare Conference for Educators


BAM/RSC: April 16, 2016

As part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s residency at the Brooklyn Academy of Art (BAM), the Department of Theatre was invited to submit a proposal for a major Shakespeare conference.  Assistant Professor Kevin McClatchy and Elizabeth Harelik (PhD Theatre 2016) were selected to present a session to teachers in New York City.

The title of their joint workshop was The King is But a Man: A Workshop on Active Approaches to Teaching Henry V. It offered educators a host of active approaches to teaching Henry V in the elementary and secondary classrooms. The workshop focused specifically on the costs of war by posing the following question: Can a king be a great leader and a good person at the same time? The workshop drew on the work from the department’s school tour of Henry V directed by Kevin McClatchy with Elizabeth Harelik as the production’s dramaturg.