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Lesley Ferris

J. Briggs Cormier

Contributors: Cece Bellomy, Linnea Bond, Joseph Brandesky, Camille Bullock, Joseph Fahey, Lesley Ferris, Shereé Greco, Constance Hester, JiRye Lee, Karie Miller, Edie L. Norlin, Janet Parrott, Mark Shanda, Jennifer Schlueter, Brad Steinmetz, Mary Tarantino, Jeanine Thompson, Tatiana Tomley, Elizabeth Wellman

Written and researched by the faculty, staff, and students of the Department of Theatre. 

All Alumni and Friends information is collected from alumni, friends, and other readers; gathered and processed at the Department of Theatre; researched, edited, and placed either in our Encore publication or the alumni page of Encore on our website.