Awards and Recognition


End of Year Celebration

The following Program 60 and Continuing Education students were recognized by Jim Knapp:

Eve Nordyke, Ruth Luketic and Lee Williams.

Undergraduate Student Excellence Award Recipients
Travis Bihn, Victoria Carthorn, Allie Davis, Taylor Davis, Jennifer Geiger, Ben Girvin, Emily Kacsandi, Roxy Knepp, Corey Lipkins Jr., Erin Mellon, Kathyrn Miller, Elizabeth Myers, Tameisha Peterson, Trent Rowland, Mike Writtenberry

Undergraduate Excellence Award

(L to R Rear): Jennifer Schlueter presents Undergraduate Student Excellence Awards to Travis Bihn, Corey Lipkins, Jr., Elizabeth Myers, Trent Rowland, Erin Mellon, Kathryn Miller, Victoria Carthorn (L to R Front): Tameisha Peterson, Jenn Geiger, Roxy Knepp, Emily Kacscandi, Taylor Davis, Allie Davis

Graduate Student Excellence Award Recipients

Shane Cinal (Creative Activity), Jane Elliott (Research and Service), Elizabeth Harelik (Service and Research), Ji Rye Lee (Service and Research), Sifiso Mazibuko (Research and Creative Activity), Chelsea Phillips (Research), Francesca Spedalieri (Service and Research), Sarah Ware (Research and Creativity), Patrick Wiabel (Research and Creativity), Elizabeth Wellman (Teaching), In Here Out There Ensemble (Creative Activity)

Graduate Student Excellence Awards

(L to R Rear): Janet Parrott presents Graduate Student Excellence Awards to Brent Ries, Melonie Mazibuko, Aaron Lopez, Jane Elliott, Sifiso Mazibuko, Patrick Wiabel, Sarah Ware, Elizabeth Wellman, (L to R Front): Camille Bullock, Elizabeth Harelik, Jirye Lee, Francesca Spedalieri, Shane Cinal 

William Case Kramer Theatre Research Fellowship Recipient

Esmaeil Najar Daronkolae

Graduate Student Morrow and Snow Fund Recipients

Established in 1980 in memory of John C. Morrow, professor of theatre from 1963 until his death in 1979, the Morrow Memorial Fund provides small grants for graduate student research.

Recipients: Andy Baker, Shelby Brewster, Camille Bullock, Meg Chamberlain, Shane Cinal, Jane Elliott, Elizabeth Harelik, Melonie Mazibuko, Karie Miller, Chelsea Phillips, Francesca Spedalieri, Joshua Truett, Sarah Ware, Geoffrey Wilson

Established February 7, 2003, The Aida Cannarsa Snow Endowment Fund was established to provide need-based scholarships to students interested in the arts.

Recipients: Andy Baker, Shelby Brewster, Shane Cinal, Esmaeil Najar Daronkolae, Elizabeth Harelik, Jirye Lee, Karie Miller, Chelsea Phillips, Rebekah Priebe, Francesca Spedalieri, Joshua Truett, Geoffrey Wilson, Yi-Ping Wu

Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients

Undergraduate Scholarships

(L to R Rear): Jennifer Schlueter presents scholarships to Elisabeth Rogge, Brandi Lyons, Zachary Cooper, Akia Williams, Michael Carozza, (L to R Front) Constance Hester, Abigail Johnson, Erica Beimesche, Roxanne Knepp, Cece Bellomy

Established December 9, 1982, by American Playwrights Theatre, Inc. Income provides scholarships to students who have demonstrated exceptional talent and ability in dramatic writing.

Recipients: Danny Turek

The Gerald R. Black Scholarship Fund for Recognition of Excellence in Theatre was established in 1974 in memory of Gerald R. Black, a 1924 graduate of The Ohio State University.  The scholarship is intended for undergraduate students within the Department of Theatre interested in the area of playwriting.

Recipients: Cece Bellomy, Michael Carozza

The Michael Swink Fund for Talent in Theatre Technology was established in 1980 in memory of Michael Swink (BA 1975) and provides funding for undergraduate students who have demonstrated exceptional talent and ability in theatre in the area of design and technology.

Recipients: Zachary Cooper, Akia Williams

The Scarlet Mask Award was established in 1973 by members of the Scarlet Mask Society to recognize distinction and outstanding performance.

Recipient: Gabbi Goshorn, Brandi Lyons

The Robert Eugene Johnson Memorial Scholarship was established in 1983 with gifts from the estate of Robert Eugene Johnson (MA 1950) to provide one or more scholarships for junior and/or senior students who are majoring in theatre and are maintaining at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.

Recipients: Brandi Lyons, Elisabeth Rogge

The Roy and Addeleen Bowen Fund for Exceptional Talent in Theatre was established in 1978 to honor Roy H. Bowen, professor emeritus of theatre. The scholarship supports undergraduate students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in theatre.

Recipients: Erica Beimesche, Gabbi Goshorn, Constance Hester, Abigail Johnson, Roxy Knepp