Roy Bowen Theatre


Theatre Layout

Thrust Stage with Stadium Seating

Normal Occupancy

250 Persons


The Roy Bowen Theatre was dedicated on April 18, 1999, in honor of Roy Bowen, teacher, director, scholar, administrator, and friend. Originally known as Stadium II Theatre, it has served as one of the two main stages for The Ohio State University Department of Theatre since 1972. Stadium II was named after the former Stadium Theatre; an arena stage located at Gate 10 of the Ohio Stadium, and one of America's first university-community summer theatres. Roy Bowen was among the directors when it opened in 1950. He directed the first original play presented in the Stadium II Theatre (Burton Russell's Low on High), and his production of Lawrence and Lee's Jabberwock opened the Thurber Theatre. Roy Bowen directed over 150 plays for The Ohio State University, Players Theatre, and other performing groups during an active career spanning more than 60 years.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the unique thrust layout of this theatre, there is absolutely no late seating and no re-seating once the performance begins.


Drake Performance and Event Center
Room 1130
1849 Cannon Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Seating Configuration

Roy Bowen Theatre Seating Chart