The Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts at Ohio State offers three majors and six minors. We also support many Personalized Study Programs and four Study Tours in Performance.

For a list of courses and production opportunities visit our current list of courses.

Theatre Major

Our department is committed to a liberal arts approach to theatre education. The Theatre major is a BA degree that prepares students to become self-reliant theatre makers with a rich understanding of the role of performance in public culture.

To major in Theatre, you only need to be accepted into the university. Auditions and portfolio reviews are not required as part of acceptance into the BA. However, we expect that our students are deeply committed to the study of theatre and will maintain the highest levels of personal achievement within the program and across the entire arc of their studies.

Film Studies Major

The Film Studies major concentrates on cinema as an international social practice where students take courses in film analysis, history, and theory.

To major in Film Studies, you only need to be accepted into the university.

Moving-Image Production Major

The Moving-Image Production major is an interdisciplinary BA program in live-action and animated filmmaking with teaching and research in the departments of art, dance, and design as well as in the Advanced Computing Center or the Arts and Design.

To major in Moving-Image Production, students need to successfully complete 9 credit hours as a pre-major and pass a portfolio review.

Theatre Minor

The Theatre minor is open to Ohio State students who wish to extend their knowledge of theatre as a cognate to their primary area of study. The Theatre minor consists of 15 credit hours tailored to meet the needs and interests of each individual student.

Film Studies Minor

The Film Studies minor is open to Ohio State students who wish to supplement their primary area of study with an understanding of the evolution of cinema, the relationships between film and other arts, and the international dimensions of the medium. The Film Studies minor consists of 15 credit hours chosen by the student from an approved list of courses.

Screenwriting Minor

The Screenwriting minor is open to Ohio State students who wish to hone their own distinct voices and gain practical experience for careers in film and television writing. The Screenwriting minor consists of 18 credit hours.

Video Arts Minor 

Through the Video Arts minor, students explore traditional, alternative, and artistic means of media delivery in a variety of expressive and creative contexts. The minor contributes to the development of students who seek to incorporate this medium into traditional art and/or narrative practices as well as those interested in creating experimental artworks that are expressed entirely within the format of video.

Media Production and Analysis Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Media Production and Analysis provides students with an understanding of the societal impact of contemporary media practices as well as opportunities to develop specific media production skills. Students will both analyze and produce media content for distribution through a variety of means.

Musical Theatre Minor

The Musical Theatre minor supports a student's training and career aspirations in the performance and study of musical theatre. The Musical Theatre minor requires 18 credit hours, with 9 credits emphasizing foundational performance skills and 9 credits in electives.

Entertainment Design and Technology Minor

The Entertainment Design and Technology minor is available for students looking at careers in live events and theatre and themed entertainment. Students pursuing this minor take traditional courses as well as practical courses which give students the opportunity to build, sew, wire, and engineer productions in the department. The Entertainment Design and Technology minor requires 12 credit hours, with 9 credits from disciplinary electives and 3 credits from practicum electives.

Study Tours in Performance

The Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts sponsors several Study Tours (both in the US and abroad) that allow you to immerse yourself into different cultures and performance traditions.