Theatre at Ohio State: the Undergraduate Experience

The Department of Theatre at Ohio State is committed to a liberal arts approach to theatre education. Our Bachelor of Arts degree prepares students to become self-reliant theatre makers with a rich understanding of the role of performance in public culture.

We have four core aims in our undergraduate program:

  1. To train our students to function as interpretive artists (actors, directors, dramaturgs, designers, and technicians) and as generative artists (playwrights, devisers, and solo performers) through rigorous coursework and laboratory experience in performance, playwriting, and technical theatre.
  2. To demonstrate the significance of vigorous, thoughtful scholarship and criticism that places performance in its historical and cultural contexts and pushes students to ask hard questions of the work they witness, study, and create.
  3. To integrate cutting-edge film, video, and media work into the study and production of live performance.
  4. To prepare students to navigate professional lives in the field and its many cognates. 

Fundamentally, we believe that nurturing creativity while also fostering critical inquiry is essential to the creation of innovative live performance.




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