Application for Graduate Research Support

Funding for Graduate Research Support in the Department of Theatre comes from two sources:

  1. John C. Morrow Memorial Fund: Established June 12, 1980, by his students, colleagues and friends. Income provides research/travel grants for graduate students in the Department of Theatre. (Income from the Introduction to Theatre coursepacket is deposited to this fund.)

  2. Aida Cannarsa Snow Endowment Fund: Established February 7, 2003, from her estate through The Foundation. Income provides need-based scholarships to undergraduates/graduates with a major or specialized interest in the Departments of Art, Art Education, History of Art, Theatre or Dance.

All awards will be disbursed as a scholarship. No travel request will be needed. Awards may be made for both future events and retroactively for events that have already occurred within the funding period. Retroactive funding is not guaranteed, but applying after-the-fact will not factor into the committee's review of the proposal.

All Applications for Graduate Research Support are due on the following schedule:

  • 1st Monday in October for events taking place from June 1 - February 28 (Events must take place in the period four months before and five months after the application deadline.)
  • 1st Monday in February for events from October 1 - June 30  (Events must take place in the period four months before and five months after the application deadline.)

For example, events taking place between June 1, 2019 and February 28, 2020 should be submitted for consideration by the October 2019 deadline.


  1. Complete the Application Form below (fillable PDF form also available on GradCentral or through the Academic Program Coordinator)
  2. Meet with faculty advisor, who must sign the application to indicate support of the project (Electronic signatures are possible, if required)
  3. Submit full, completed application through the form below. (Includes required fields for basic information and an upload of the completed PDF Application Form.)
  4. Graduate Studies Committee will review application
  5. The Academic Program Coordinator will notify applicant of committee's decision

Please be as detailed as possible. Include details of all expenses you might incur for this project/travel, even if you are not including all expenses in your request. Indicate if you are only asking for a portion of your expenses to be covered.  The committee would like to know the full scope of the expenses to better inform funding decisions.

Personal Information
This is your 8 or 9 digit ID number which appears on your Buck-ID above the 16 digit number
Project Information

Please upload the fillable pdf Graduate Research Support Application form, with required advisor signatures. Forms available in GradCentral, or through the main Department of Theatre office. Contact the Academic Program Coordinator with questions.

Upload requirements
Retroactive or Future Funding
Please select the type of funding you require. If the date(s) of your project are before the stated dates of the funding cycle, the request should be for retroactive funding.